Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful

What I Love About Pregnancy

The things I love about being pregnant:

1. No alcohol

It gets so old having people pressure you to drink and you have to come up with every reason in the book why you do not want to drink. Its awful that people just cannot take "no" for an answer and leave it at that. 

There were many times where I would be pressured to drink and I would tell people no and they would still bother me about why I am not drinking. It was like not wanting to drink was not acceptable. Finally I have a valid excuse for not drinking and thank God! 

I love being pregnant for this very reason, no pressure to drink alcohol. No one bothers me or tries to put a drink in my hand. People somehow understand why a pregnant woman doesn't want to drink but they for some reason could not fathom why a woman who is not pregnant doesn't want to drink. 

2. I have an excuse to turn away unhealthy food

This is another amazing part of being pregnant. I am not pressured to eat anything that I do not want to eat. I am not big on junk food. I never really have been big on it. Sometimes when you go out or go to a friends place or family's you are pressured to eat their food, healthy or not. 

A lot of times I would go to homes where the food is not healthy but not wanting to be rude you eat some of it anyway. Now that I am pregnant I have an excuse to eat a perfectly clean diet, the way I love to eat. I can eat all the veggies in the world. I am working closely with a nutritionist and she is keeping a close eye on my mostly raw, plant based diet. I feel great and have never felt better!  

3. I get to eat before everyone else!

If I am at a party or event and I am hungry I eat and it is not considered rude. Yes, pregnant women have that right to eat before dinner is served because the baby needs to be fed and when baby is hungry baby needs to eat. 

4. Water, water and more water

I have never been a soda drinker or had much of a sweet tooth for sugary drinks. Although, once again, the pressure to drink them can be intense, especially at an event. I love being able to say no to anything unhealthy and just drink water.

One of my favorite drinks is boiled orange peel in water. It makes for a great tea. It is also full of nutrients your unborn baby needs to grow and thrive. Pregnant ladies out there, you should try it. 

5. No work

I am one of the lucky pregnant women because I am in a position where I do not have to work. Actually, I was told that I should not work because of how many bacterial infections I have caught from my job during my first trimester. Well, I am getting towards the end of my first trimester and I am on antibiotics. 

It is not like I am not working. My body is working hard and pregnancy is a full time job. I have to make sure my baby and I stay healthy and I am doing anything and everything I can to make sure my unborn child gets all it needs and is brought into this world healthy and safe. My job right now is to take care of my unborn child.

I love being able to hit the gym, prepare healthy meals and rest when needed. Pregnant women get tired. Our bodies are working extremely hard so being able to nap when needed is such a blessing. 

6. Travel

My mother lives in Hawaii, on the big island, part time. I will be going out to recover from the rest of my bacterial infection after my doctor clears me. Hopefully my doctor clears me. These antibiotics are taking a toll on my health and this is a very scary time for me and my little one. My mom wants me to go to the islands to rest up and get healthy and fully recover. The best part is I can go and come back whenever I want basically. I just have to be back in time for my next check up. I get to really make sure my baby is healthy and focus on my child. 

8. Maternity Clothes

Most women dread this part but I do not. I will be at my largest during the summer so that means cute dresses and flip flops! I am not one for heels. Summer time in third trimester also means the pool so I will not get too hot. I will be doing the majority of my work outs at the pool when I am the most uncomfortable. The water will feel great and take the weight off my joints. I am so excited for cute little maternity summer dresses, which I will also be able to wear after baby!

I am so glad that I will not have to be the most pregnant during the winter where I would have to buy new winter coats and pants to fit my growing stomach. That would just be added expense and those clothes would never be worn again. 

9. Vegetables 

I love my veggies and luckily my cravings have been all for vegetables. Celery and cucumbers are my favorite. Now, after pregnancy I might never want to look at another vegetable again because I am eating so many of them. They sure are good though. 

10. Gym time 

Because I was highly advised not to work I can spend extra time in the gym. I do not have to fit my work outs into my schedule. After baby all that will change but as of now I am free to spend as much or as little time as I want exercising. 

11. Naps

Again, because I was told to only focus on taking care of myself and my unborn child I can nap. That extra sleep is really nice. It is wonderful to just be able to lie down and rest when you need to. 

12. Meditation

This ties into napping, as often I do fall asleep with meditation. It is great to be able to clear the mind and relieve any stress or worries about being pregnant. I do often worry about something happening to my unborn child, especially since I have been so sick with the flu and bacterial chest infections. 

13. Not having to color my hair

I have never been big on coloring my hair and spending the money to get my hair dyed. I never saw the point really. Now I have an excuse to stay away from the salon! 

14. No nail polish

Nail polish burns my nails. I do not like the feeling of it on me. There is often pressure to keep yourself looking nice and part of looking nice is having a fresh manicure. I do like manicures but I do not like polish. To me, it is a waste of money. I mean, really, it stays on about a week as most. What is the point? I can still get manicures and pedicures but now I have an excuse to skip the polish! 

15. All those cute baby clothes

Yes, I love shopping for baby clothes with my mother. My husband and I did our registry already and we had a blast. It was so much fun shopping for our little blessing.