Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful

Thank you Police

A thank you to all police officers

September 14, 2016, my ex, Eric, brought a gun to my home in a possible attempted murder/suicide. Only hours before this incident I had reported Eric to the police for harassment and stalking. The police gave Eric a stern warning to stay away from me and pointed me in the direction for a restraining order. I never had the chance to get the restraining order put in place because Eric acted quickly. 

Eric was outraged that I not only called the police on him but that I was also going to take him to court. He wanted me. He wanted blood. Eric was not about to let me go, even after I had pleaded with him for years to leave me alone. Yes, I had been begging Eric to stop and to move on and to leave me alone for about two or three years but he just would not let go. 

I am not here to talk more about Eric. I am here to thank the police, who responded that night, not knowing that it was a shooting. The police came up to my home unaware that a mad gunman had just taken his life. Had Eric still been alive the police could have had a gun battle. I am thankful that no one else was hurt and that Eric never had the opportunity to pull that gun on me, my now fiancé Jay, my neighbors or the heroes who sped into danger to protect us all. Jay and I want to thank you police officers (department name protected) for your actions that night. We want to thank you for coming into the unknown and taking your oath seriously to protect. 

Police these days have a tough job. They are often in the news for horrible things, things they cannot prevent or help. The police are called to respond and they are called to protect us from danger. People are often against the police but why? The police do not make the laws. They just enforce them. It is not their fault that you got in trouble for speeding or for doing something you shouldn't be doing. It is your fault. You just got caught. Give the police a break! 

All of you officers out there I want to thank you for all you do. I am just going off one situation where you were really needed. Those on the scene that night treated me and Jay with the upmost respect. The officers kept us out of view of our neighbors and the news and talked us through the process. While I was being questioned by detectives I felt safe and I was treated as a human.

 I cannot imagine having to roll up on a suicide, seeing a dead body with a massive bullet wound in the head then see two terrified people inside crying and shaking and fainting and be able to be as calm and collective as they were. I cannot imagine the shock from that night. The police thought they were responding to a disturbance. When they pulled up it ended up being a suicide. 

Next time you guys see a police officer, thank them. Thank them for their work to keep us safe. They are fighting for our safety. We are complete strangers to them, yet they take the oath to step in the line of fire to make sure we live. They are the men and women who will put their lives before a stranger and they deserve our respect for doing so.

 How many people do you know who will literally step in front of a gun for you? Actually, you do not know these people but they will do so for you. Thank them and respect them. They are our heroes working to protect us. Thank you police officers for all you do. You allow us citizens to live peacefully. Every time you put on that uniform it could be your last and you all realize this. Thank you for your bravery.