Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful

Snow is falling

Mountain life is beautiful, especially during the winter. I love waking early to a bright pink sky. The sky is so pink that it looks like a kid took a pink crayon and colored the clouds. Looking at the heavens is breathtaking. 

I love early winter the most. The first snowflakes are starting to fall and the excitement for opening day brings joy. I feel like a kid before Christmas, eager to see how much I'll get. I love to think about how much snow will fall and the number of powder days I'll have. Skiing knee deep powder with my friends is what I love to do.

This upcoming season is the 2016-2017 season! My goals are to compete again and start summiting those 14,000 foot mountains. I am super stoked to share with you my journey in the backcountry. I will be starting a YouTube channel of my backcountry adventures probably in late November or early December so stay tuned for that. You will not want to miss the scenery of the snow covered trails and mountains! 

As the snowflakes start falling and sticking I will be posting more. Currently I am waiting for the mountain to open. Keystone will be the first mountain to open. I am planning on skiing opening day with my boyfriend then hitting the mountain as much as I can soon after. 

How many miles do you think I will ski this season? Any takers?