Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful

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Death comes to my door

It was my second race of the ski season of my freshman year of college. The day was cold and snowy, like it usually is on race day. I was a little run down with a head cold and I just wanted the day to be over with. My mother was at the start with me, waiting for my number to be called. She was going to stay with me until I was called to get into line and wait for my run. "Mom, I am join got just go for it. I really want to do well and make it to Nationals," I said minutes before I was supposed to go. "Go for it Aubrie. You will do great. You are already on your way to Nationals."

I had only two races to go until Nationals and already things were looking good for me and my team. My team and I were already in first place and I just really wanted to give it a go. I knew what I was doing and I was not afraid of speed. I love going fast and speeding down the mountain, and in a race course I can go as fast as I want without being yelled at by patrol. 

Finally my section was called to get ready. I remember looking at my mom and said, "Well, here I go. It's almost my turn." My mom said, "Okay Aubrie, do your best." There was a girl in front of me. She was my opponent. She turned around and we started talking a little. Before she went for her run I said to her, "Good luck. Have fun." She said back, "Thank you, same to you." A few seconds later after she left the start I was ready to go.

The course was beautiful and set up perfect. I was flying and actually doing real well until the binding of my ski came loose and snapped off. I do not remember much about the accident but I do remember hearing people scream as I went down. When I woke up I noticed that my red helmet flew off my head, which shouldn't have happened because it was on tight. My goggles were broken and so was my right arm. My boots were unbuckled and I couldn't move my right knee. 

"Aubrie, Aubrie, can you hear me? Stay with us. You had a bad accident and we think you may have broken your neck and fractured your skull. Do not move your head," I heard my coach frantically say. 


Back Up On Skis

When I Saw Heaven

I have other books published as well but I am being honest when I say save your money and purchase only "Back Up On Skis" and "When I Saw Heaven." I was 17 years old when I wrote and published my other 2 books.