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Veggies Save Money

Benefits of being a raw vegan:

1. Saves money

I shop locally if I can and eat only organic foods. People often think that eating organic veggies is expensive but the opposite is true. I can get an organic cucumber for $1 and a pound of organic cilantro the other day was only $.50 so tell me again how expensive it is to eat veggies? 

I did a walk through the store to compare prices of meats vs. veggies. This is what I found. One pound of 80% lean ground meat is $4.99. A Hillshire Farm turkey Kielbasa sausage rope is $4.29 and everyday value smoked turkey breast is $3.99 per pound. Lunchmeat turkey breast comes in at $4.99 a pound where the lunchmeat ham costs $6.09 a pound. If you want organic grass-fed stew meat you are looking at spending $13.55 a pound and forget about pork chops at $7.65 for only 2 of them. 

Now, looking at the veggies one large avocado only costs $1.00. I can get 5 avocados for the price of one pound of 80% lean ground meat. One medium organic cucumber costs $.77, which is extremely cheap. You can feed a family of 4 easily off all the cucumbers you can buy for the price of the everyday smoked turkey breast. It is amazing to me that only one pound of baby carrots is literally only $1.29 compared to one pound of organic grass-fed stew meat. 

Did you know that you can get pasta for $1.39 or 12 oz? or a pound of zucchini squash for only $1.49? Organic broccoli costs only $2.49 a pound and beets $3.98 a pound. Do you like mushrooms? Well, if you do the good news is for 8 oz you can buy them for $2.69 a pound. 

All of this compared to some of the most popular meat products such as one pound of beef patties costs $9.56 and that is only for 4 patties. If you want your patties organic that costs $9.99 a pound. If you decide to eat veggie patties you will spend $3.73 for 10 frozen patties. 

My husband loves breakfast patties. Well, he did until he found out how expensive meat is. Little breakfast patties cost $5.49 and you get 8 of them. The vegan ones cost only $2.50 for the same amount. Vegan snack bars cost $17.28 verses a pack of meat bars which cost $25.99. 

I could keep going with comparing vegan foods to non vegan foods but you guys get the point. The meat and dairy industry wants you to believe that eating a plant based, organic, vegan diet is expensive. These people who sell animals and their products want you to believe that meat is the cheaper way to go but the numbers do not lie. It is obviously way cheaper and affordable to feed a large family a vegan diet and it is healthier too. If you want to save money then eat your fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, hummus, beans, rice and pastas. Try to eat as many foods from earth as possible. 

Stay tuned for my next article about the health benefits of a vegan diet and the big lie of the meat and dairy industry. 

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