Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful

Accident at 15 years old

At 15 years old I learned that no one lives forever. When the ski patrol stopped the sled and ran up to me halfway town the mountain they were concerned that I was going to stop breathing and die right then and there. I was spitting up blood and they did not know where it was coming from, making it difficult to tell if I was going into shock or if this was something minor. 

When we are on our death beds and taking our last few breaths all we will have is God. From the second we die we will all meet God. Each and every one of us will see Jesus at the gates of Heaven but not all of us will make it to Heaven. Unfortunately, there will be those who do not say yes to God.

When I was dying at 15 years old, then again at 19 years old I was not afraid. There was no fear in me. Death was peaceful and beautiful. Dying was easy. All I did was close my eyes, take a breath and let go. I don't know why I was not afraid. Most people would be scared and would try to fight death but that was not me. Not once did I fear what was going to happen to me. I already knew.

I found myself safe in God's arms, a place where we all want to be. I was happy, warm and comfortable. I knew that nothing bad could happen to me and all that pain and suffering on earth was over. I knew that I was free from sin and eternity was going to be magnificent. There was no more pain, suffering or tears. It was over. At 15 years old I was ready and unafraid. 

You do not have to fear death. You might fear dying. The process of death can be scary but death in itself is peaceful if you believe in Jesus. When we die and we believe in Jesus we go to be with Him forever. At 15 I learned that God is wonderful and He loves us so very much. All He wants is for us to love him back. 

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