Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful


We are told from the time we are very young that dairy is good for us. It is often said that dairy has much needed nutrients for our bodies and that without these nutrients we will not grow to be strong and healthy. 

The truth is that dairy is not healthy for us. Sure, it has vitamins such as D and calcium but our bodies cannot absorb those nutrients. The reason is we are not cows. We are humans. 

Have you heard of people drinking breast milk all through their lives? Have we been told that we need breast milk throughout our entire life to stay healthy? The answer is no. Breast milk is only for babies and it is not needed past the first year of life. 

So, if we are not supposed to drink breast milk our entire lives then why are we drinking cows milk? Goats milk? What makes it healthy to consume animal milk if we are not supposed to consume human milk all our lives? 

Milk is not healthy and actually, it is associated with many health problems. Cancer, acne, menstrual problems, growth problems, resistance to antibiotics, unable to digest it and allergies are all concerns that come with milk consumption.

I use to eat animal products. Before I became vegan I loved cheese. I did not fully stop eating animal products until I became pregnant and one of the first things I noticed upon tossing the cheese was my acne cleared up. It cleared up so quick that it almost happened overnight. 

Another thing I noticed upon ditching the dairy was bloating and inflammation. I actually look thinner pregnant than I did before I became pregnant and the only reason for that is because I am no longer bloated. It is crazy that I am pregnant and I am not bloated. Pregnant women are known to be bloated but I have absolutely no bloating. 

We are told that milk builds strong bones but that cannot be further from the truth. Those who drink milk are actually more prone to fractures and broken bones than those who are non milk consuming. The reason for this is that milk is very acidic and to neutralize the acid the body has to pull calcium from your bones. Yes, milk has calcium but humans cannot absorb it. 

The good news is that we can get plenty of calcium from plants. Plants such as spinach, chard, rhubarb, kale and mustard greens are packed with calcium and the calcium in these plants is easily digestible. Your bones will become nice and strong by simply eating calcium rich veggies. 

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