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Veggies Save Your Health

Benefits of being a raw vegan: Your health

The meat, dairy and egg industry want you to believe that their foods are packed with protein, vitamins and nutrients. These industries are huge, powerful corporations that have basically brainwashed our society to eat as many animals and animal products as possible all in the name of health. Below are some of the health reasons we need to illuminate animal products from our diets.

1. Animal products are full of saturated fats.

Dairy products, meats, eggs and just animal products in general contain extremely high amounts of saturated fats. All we have to do is look at food labels when we shop to know the amount of saturated fats in these popular products. 

If you stop eating beef, chicken, pork, fish, eggs, bison and whatever other meat and animal products you love to consume you will stop consuming saturated fats. By simply switching over to a vegan diet you significantly reduce if not illuminate your saturated fat intake. 

Saturated fats are linked to heart disease and obesity. If you want to spare your body from diseases such as hardening of your veins and arteries and if you want to lose weight, which will immediately make it easier and more efficient for your heart to pump blood then stop eating animal products. 

2. Your body needs carbs

Animal products do not have carbs. Foods such as beans, veggies and fruits are loaded with carbs. We have been told over and over, again and again, that carbs cause weight gain. This is further from the truth. 

If you stop eating carbs and up your protein intake by loading up on meats your body will not function properly. Your brain will suffer and you will have symptoms such as loss of memory and exhaustion. Carbs are fuel for your brain and they give your body energy. 

I am an athlete and there is a reason athletes carb load before a big event. If I just ate protein such as burgers and chicken my body would actually do the opposite of what I want it to do. Instead of burning fat my body would burn muscle. As an athlete I want to function fully and carbs actually help build the muscle needed to perform as well as give me the energy I need to get through the competitions. 

Right now I am pregnant and I need these carbs to help me get the energy to get through my day. My body is working extremely hard to make a new life. Labor and delivery is like an olympic event and I will need these carbs to push this child out in a few months. Carbs are extremely important for our daily function and by filling up on animal products we reduce our appetites for our much needed foods such as healthy carbs.

3. Fiber

Animal products do not have fiber. Our bodies need tons of fiber and now the studies suggest we need even more fiber than originally thought. Cultures who have the most fiber in their diets live the longest. Those long living cultures also have diets high in fruits, veggies nuts, seeds, beans, rice and grains and extremely low in animal products such as fish, beef, chicken and eggs. 

4. Vitamins and minerals

Our bodies need tons of vitamins and minerals daily. In order to live and be healthy we need to make sure we are getting enough nutrients from our foods. The best way to get nutrients is to eat a wide variety of veggies and fruits. 

Because I am pregnant I need folic acid. This is a very essential nutrient for my growing baby. A vegan diet provides enough nutrients for my baby and because I eat so clean I do not need to supplement with a prenatal. I still take an organic, vegan prenatal for precaution but I was told that I do not need it because I am getting plenty from my diet. 

5. Protein

Being vegan and not getting protein is a huge misconception. This is another lie the meat and egg industry wants you to believe. Vegans actually get more protein than meat eaters. I know this comes as a shock to you but its fact.

Beans, nuts, lentils and veggies are packed with protein. One of my favorite meals is a huge salad with avocado, nuts, peppers, broccoli, sweet potato, celery and olive oil. I do mix up my veggies and sometimes with my salads I do fruit instead of veggies. While pregnant I will do wild rice and beans. All of what I eat are complete proteins and the best part is I actually get stuffed and stay stuffed for hours after a meal. There are so many varieties of foods and combinations you can do to get plenty of protein as a vegan. 

6. Disease prevention

If you stop consuming meat you will immediately impact your health in a positive way. A lot of people worry about high cholesterol. If you stop eating animal products then you no longer have to worry about your cholesterol because you will not be consuming it. 

Our bodies naturally make cholesterol so it is not necessary to consume it in our diets. We all know the risks associated with high cholesterol so I will not talk about them. We all know the diseases caused by too much in our bodies. 

If you stop eating animal products then you will never have to go on cholesterol medications. You will never have to deal with the side effects of those medications. Going on medications to reduce your cholesterol is not natural. We were never meant to have to take medications to decrease our cholesterol levels. 

Diabetes is another disease associated with meat and animal consumption. The vegan diet is a great weapon against diabetes and it is very simple and easy to follow. If you just stop drinking milk then you are not consuming extra sugars. If you eat veggies and fruits your body will get all the sugar it needs naturally from the healthy foods. 

Cancer is another problem associated with meat consumption. You are filling yourself with hormones, antibiotics and added fats from the animal. This mixture is a disaster and your body will be a ticking time bomb for cancer. 

7. Obesity

Are you overweight or obese? Have you tried every single diet out there and still failed to lose the weight? Do you spend endless amounts of time in the gym with no results? Well, I want to first say that you are not a failure. It is not your fault that you are having weight issues. It is societies. 

We are told what to eat, how much to eat and the types of foods that are best for us. Our culture is so far from nature that we no longer know what foods to consume so we just do what we are told.

I spend tons of time in the gym but that is only because I am training. If I was not training and if I was not an athlete then I would not have to go to the gym. There would be absolutely no need for me to step food into a gym if I was not in training. 

Diet has everything to do with our body types. A lot of people say that they have obesity in their genes or they are just built that way but genes only go so far. I am not a small girl. I am tall and athletic but I am muscular. My genes dictated that I would be tall and strong but not obese or overweight. 

Being obese and overweight is not normal. Now, I will be overweight after having a baby but that is what happens to women. It is however, not normal for me to keep all the weight on for years and years after giving birth. It will take time for me to take the weight off but it is the natural, human process of bringing life into this world. That being said, it will also not be normal for me to gain 100 pounds during pregnancy. 

If you have weight problems it is only because of your diet. It is not because of genes or a lack of exercise. Your weight issues is 100% your diet of high fat, processed foods. 

Think about it. Just about everything is processed. All meats are processed and milk is processed as well as cheese. We are told to stay away from processed foods but we do not consider the majority of what we eat to be processed. 

When we think of processed foods we think of cookies, breads, pastas, sugary treats and candy. We think of processed foods such as canned goods and foods that are wrapped up in bags. In order to lose weight you need to start thinking of all of your food differently.

A cucumber for instance is in its original state. This food was picked and brought to the store and you bought it whole, how it is supposed to be. Carrots were picked from the ground and they have not been changed. Our fruits never had to go through a processor to grind them up to make the edible. They were all simply picked. 

Nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, potatoes, garlic and spices were not processed. They never saw a factory if they are whole and in their raw form. Obviously the dried stuff was factory made. Generally speaking, our foods from nature that are in their full raw form are what we should be eating because they are not processed. 

The bottom line is if you eat processed foods then you will be fat. You will not be able to lose weight and no amount of exercise will make you healthy. Any food that had to see a factory is not a food that you want to put inside of your body. 

8. Body Odor?

Body odor is natural but you are not supposed to smell like rotten eggs daily. We should be able to go a day or so without having to wear deodorant. Showers should be enough to take care of any nasty smell we have. Naturally, we will smell but we should not have to cover up with perfumes and deodorants. 

If you eat tons of meat and eat tons of processed foods then you will smell worse than those who eat a plant based diet. All of that processed junk will come out of your pores. Our pores is one way our body detoxes.

By eating a plant based diet our bodies do not have to work as hard to get all that bad junk out of us. Detoxing is easier and faster when we eat a whole foods plant based diet. If you find that you are constantly covering up your smell and having to apply deodorant throughout the day it is time to change your diet. 


There are so many wonderful benefits to eating vegan and the list just goes on and on. From saving tons of money to getting your health back the reasons to be vegan are endless.

If you cannot give up your steaks I understand and I am not here to judge you on your diet. All I am stating are the facts and what I have noticed by going vegan with my own body and health. 

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