Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful


Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

When I was in Heaven God told me, "Aubrie, I have a plan. My plan is perfect. Trust me. Trust in my plan. I have a plan for if you go or stay. Trust me." Upon waking up in the hospital the bible quote Jeremiah 29:11 was shared with me. 

After my accident this quote became significant. Here I was, about to head to the Olympics and this horrible thing happened to me. My dreams were ripped from me within a split second and I was left with nothing except confusion. I was so lost but for some strange reason, I never asked the question, "Why me?" I never asked why, ever. I think I never had to ask why because of what God told me in Heaven and the bible quote Jeremiah 29:11.

When bad things happen to us we tend to ask the question "Why me?" We tend to wonder why bad things have to happen to us and why we must suffer. It is not fair that we need to feel so much pain, lose dreams and loved ones and go through major adversity but it is a part of life. We all must go through things. There is not one person who has not struggled or felt immense pain. But instead of asking the famous question, "Why me?" say instead, "Why not me?"

God has a plan for us all. I do not know why the accident happened. There are still questions that I want God to answer about that day and about why my father had to get cancer and die. No one wants bad things to happen but just know that when they do, God has a plan and His plan is perfect. Trust in the Lord and rely on Him to help you get through your struggles.

I almost did quit skiing. A few days before I decided to ski again I actually almost talked myself into never skiing again. I remember clearly telling myself not to get back up on skis. Right after I told myself that I would never ski again and that my skiing days were over for good I heard God's voice, loud and clear. He said, "Aubrie, you will ski again." It was short, clear and simple.

At the time of my accident I did not realize it but God was working through me. The accident had to happen so God could fulfill His plan. Did God want the accident to happen? Of course not. God does not want us to get hurt but sometimes we need to fall in order for God to fulfill His plan for our lives.

I do not know your struggles but I do know this. No matter what you are going through at this moment, God has a plan. God has plans to prosper you, not to harm you. God wants you to have a good future. He wants you to succeed. God does not want to keep you down. No, He wants to build you up and make you strong. 

Take what God has given you and be thankful. Yes, you might be struggling but your struggles will one day turn to triumph. One day you will look back and see all of the work that God has done to make your tragedy into something good.

My skiing accident was not fun. It was tragic for me to lose my dreams but I did not lose everything that day. I did not lose my life or my sport. I fell and fell hard but I got back up. God not only allowed me to ski again but He brought so many other gifts out of this as well. Without God, I wouldn't have made it this far.

To me the best thing to do when you fall is to get back up.