Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful

First ski season as a wife

Skiing is an awesome sport. It is a blast straight lining it as fast as you can down some of the steepest runs. What is more fun than speed though, is skiing with your spouse. 

Last season Jason and I were boyfriend and girlfriend and fiancé but this season as husband and wife we get to finally ride as an official couple and it is awesome to have my husband with me as we race down the mountain.

You will be surprised to learn that Jason does not ski. Growing up he was an avid surer on Long Island and naturally, he decided to snowboard. Jay is very good and unlike me, he loves the trees. Often I will go in the bumps and he will ride the trees. Bumps are not snowboard friendly so when I decide to bump it up he takes that opportunity to tree it up. 

Both of us love Peak 6 because it is steep, sometimes deep and bumps for me and trees for Jay. There should not be beginner skiers over there, as it is not a beginner part of the mountain so we do not have to worry about first timers learning to ski and getting in the way. 

Another favorite run of ours is imperial bowl. We love how it can get pretty deep and it is a wide open face so plenty of room to get a good line. Jason loves to basically go straight down it and sometimes we will race down. I usually win! 

Skiing as a wife does feel different. It is more fun. Jay is a snowboard nut and he loves to be out on the mountain, just like me, which makes our marriage wonderful. It is amazing being able to be with my husband in paradise.