Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful


Lets face it ladies, when we are pregnant we will gain weight. It is just the fact of life. Our bodies will change and we will pack on the pounds. The pounds that we will gain however, should not be fat pounds. Yes, you will gain a little fat but the 30-40 pounds that most women gain are water, baby, placenta. 

Our blood builds and we actually have a lot more blood in our bodies. On top of that we have tons of fluid in our abdomens and our female organs stretch and swell with water. Our babies grow and so does the placenta, which all causes weight gain. You will not have 40 extra pounds of fat, no. You will have all that extra weight of mostly water. Think about your periods on steroids with the bloat! 

This is why diet is key. I am not saying that we will not gain fat. If you do not eat right or exercise then yes, like anyone, pregnant or not, you will get fat. If you do not want to get fat, meaning gaining pounds of fat, then eat right and work out. 

Naturally, your body will grow. You will get a stomach and you will have fluid all through your body. Your face will get puffy and so will every other part of your body. The thing is, its only water. All that puffiness is water and fluid, not fat. Once the baby is born the extra fluid is no longer needed and it exits your body. 

I am choosing to eat mostly a raw, vegan diet because it is the healthiest diet out there in my opinion. All of my foods are whole and I prepare all of my meals. Because I have been sick working with kids, that has changed a little but once I am better I will be right back on that diet. 

When I say diet I am not on a weight loss diet. I am pregnant and pregnancy is not a time to diet to lose weight. I am on a diet that is best for me and my unborn baby. I do not count calories and I will not count calories through my pregnancy. My only concern is having a baby that comes into this world safe and healthy and the best way for me to do that is to work closely with a nutritionist about my vegan plant based lifestyle. I will gain weight but it will be baby weight. 

Dieting during pregnancy is a good thing if you are doing it right. Eating a balanced diet and exercising is great for you and your baby and it is crucial for the health of your child that you make sure you are giving it tons of nutrients through your healthy diet. 

Some women feel that meat is important for their growing babies and others feel that vegan is the way to go. Whatever you chose, make sure you are doing what is best for your baby. You have one goal in the next 9 months and that is to make sure you are doing anything and everything possible to bring a healthy life into the world. However you chose to do so then do it but make sure you are taking care of that little miracle growing inside of you. Your baby matters most right now.