Aubrie Mindock

Professional skier, author of "When I Saw Heaven" and "Back Up On Skis," Olympic hopeful

Claire Mindock Survives Eric's wrath

This is a photo of me and my mother during our Great White Shark dive in CA! We went to the Farallon islands a year after my father died. It was the trip of a lifetime! I want to write about my mother because she is the best mother a woman can ask for!


Eric was brutal to my mother. He was not only abusive to me but also abusive to my mother. My mother obviously deserved none of Eric's wrath. She was a victim and brought into this because I could not get Eric to leave me or my family alone. 

I tried to tell Eric that I did not love him. I tried to break up with him. My mother knew this and at one point she gave me some advice to even pin it on her. She also tried to help me to get Eric to stop stalking me and even told me to tell him that she did not approve of him. Unfortunately, her advice would come back to haunt her. 

I did whatever it took to get Eric to leave me alone, including to take my mother's advice and to pin it all on her. I mean, what was I supposed to do? The man was refusing to stop. He was stalking me and my family and was literally dangerously obsessed. He was so obsessed with me that literally everyone in my family became furious and nervous and terrorized. No one knew what to do and advice was literally flying left and right. 

Well, I unfortunately took my mothers advice and listened to what she had to say. I told Eric that my family, including my mother did not approve of him. I also told him the same stuff that I had been telling him for weeks, that I did not love him or want to be with him. Oh my gosh was that ever bad. It was a huge mistake to tell Eric this as a desperate attempt to get him to move on and just leave me and my family alone. 

Eric started not only staking me, but also stalked my mother. He would end up dropping off two evil, threatening hate letters and cuss her out to her face less than 24 hours after burying my father. He would treat her less than human and threaten her. All of this was literally weeks after my father had passed and within 48 hours after my fathers memorial. 

I have to give my mother big credit here. My father was my mothers's second husband. She had lost her first husband to a drunk driver a few years before I was born. She met my father, had me and my brother then lost my father to cancer. 

Eric's harassment actually starts while my father was sick and dying of cancer. Eric would often taunt my dying father. He would make fun of my dad, blame me and my family for my dad's death then go onto harass my mother after my fathers passing. He was complete terror, evil, not God like, a monster and demonic. 

Through it all though my mother somehow found the strength, courage and love to forgive Eric. I do not know how to this day my mother, through it all, found the passion to forgive a man who literally hurt my father during his dying days, threatened my mother with her life days after my fathers passing and after his memorial, then brought a gun to her daughters door in an attempt for blood. 

My mother is amazing and because of her strength to forgiveness I too found forgiveness. My mother, Claire Mindock, taught me what love for Christ is. So did my father, Peter Mindock. During this difficult time of losing my father it was my mother who stayed strong, kept the family together and refused to allow a mad gunman to tear us apart. It was my mother, through all the trauma, who saved everyone's life from a man who wanted to murder us all. 

I mean, think about that for a moment. Eric, a man with a gun, threatened my mother and family, taunts my dying father, blames me for my fathers death, screams at me and verbally assaults me and my mom then shows up to my home with a gun to kill me, just so he can bring more pain to my family and it is my mother who stays calm through it all. 

I want my mother to of course to be recognized for her bravery during the most traumatic time of her life. She not only lost two husbands but she almost lost a daughter to murder due to a crazed gunman who could not take "NO!" for an answer. 

I am thankful that God was watching out for my family. I am thankful that my father and fathers parents, my grandparents, were watching out for me and Jay that night. I am thankful that my mother never had to have a knock on her door in the middle of the night from the police to inform her that I had been shot and killed. I am thankful that the good Lord, Jesus Christ, spared my mother and family from even more trauma. 

Without Jesus, my mother would have had that knock. She would have had the police inform her that her daughter was murdered by a psychotic ex boyfriend who could not move on, less than two years after her second husbands death. I am so thankful to God that my mother was spared that pain and that God gave my mother the strength to save her family from Eric. If it was not for my mother and God, we would have all had to face Eric's gun.